Published on : 21 April 20202 min reading time

From a very young age, every child already imagines the job he or she will do later on. Artistic professions are often part of the pronounced trades: being a singer, being a musician, being a photographer, being an actor, being a model… But like any profession, embarking on an artistic career is not an easy path.


The artistic career is part of the private domain. With the advance of technology, professions related to art are developing more and more. The fields related to artistic careers are generally photography, theatre, fashion, music…


Currently, major art schools have been founded to enable young people to embark on the artistic career of their choice. And as far as these grandes écoles are concerned, especially the public grandes écoles, the entrance exams are very strict. Indeed, at the end of the competition, only a few are selected if at the beginning there were many candidates. For private schools, they are characterized by exorbitant tuition fees.

In addition to the art colleges, there are also study and apprenticeship courses which are short and which are later supplemented by qualifications for a more concrete development.

Finally, apprenticeship is also a means of impregnation in the artistic community.


Becoming an artist is not an easy task. Many qualities are required of the individual who wishes to live in this world because an artist evolves as his or her career progresses. Personally, an artist must have a lot of passion. A passionate artist will know how to share his passion with the public. Tenacity is also a watchword for anyone who wants to embark on an artistic career because it is full of pitfalls. Abandonment is not allowed. Finally, even if some major schools already teach art, a minimum of talent is essential to excel in an artistic career. Having talent nevertheless requires a lot of work to increase performance as an artist must always evolve.

As far as being an artist, even if these professions generally require more autonomy, it should be noted that living solely thanks to one’s passion is not without difficulty. Having a secondary activity is essential if one wants to start an artistic career.