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trip to Saint-Tropez

How to organize a trip to Saint-Tropez?

If you’re looking to get away to the French Riviera, there’s no better place to start than Saint-Tropez. This chic seaside town has been a playground for the rich and famous since the 1950s, and it’s easy to see why….

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Jean Claude Novaro

Jean Claude Novaro – Bio, Artworks, Exhibitions and more

To create something like an art, you have to do it frequently. This could be done through proper research and learning from other highly skilled persons. After learning, you would make your ideas from your mind visible. Yes, it’s possible,…

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To get an idea of the fashion of the 20s, just watch the movie The Exchange released in 2008. We’re particularly interested in Angelina Jolie’s costumes. Marion Cotillard in the film Midnight in Paris also wears a sublime evening dress…

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From a very young age, every child already imagines the job he or she will do later on. Artistic professions are often part of the pronounced trades: being a singer, being a musician, being a photographer, being an actor, being…

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