For the efficient commercial management of your company, entrust your invoices and quotes to a reliable and secure software. This software solution simplifies invoicing and the creation of quotes. Since it is an online solution, invoicing and quotation creation is done online. Moreover, this kind of software is rather easy to use compared to others.


To be more productive in terms of quality and quantity, a company must have an efficient way of invoicing and creating quotes. The usual software is still usable. However, they are not sophisticated enough to allow efficient data management. The company can thus lose information in case of bugs. More practical tools such as Google drive, Dropbox and others are available online. On the other hand, it does not facilitate commercial management or invoice creation. This is why companies must use software solutions. Thanks to the software, an overview of all strategies within the company can be understood at a glance. The software then allows a quick summary of the health of the company using it.


Managing data with professional software saves time. In addition to making it easier for the person responsible for entering all the data, the use of software also makes it easier to access the data in question internally. Easy access to the data does not affect the security of the data in any way. The software also has the means to keep the data safe from hackers. The quotation is created in just a few clicks thanks to online synchronisation. In the same way, the connected software solution also simplifies invoicing thanks to visible online templates that can be attached to it. The software allows all staff access to the same databases and direct information sharing. As a result, invoicing and quotes can be done anywhere within the company or elsewhere.


The use of traditional software can be very time consuming as it has no data retention functionality. An ideal software would be the one that can manage everything. In fact, the software that is proposed takes care of managing the tasks assigned to each of the staff, creating estimates and performing online invoicing. Another advantage would be the fact that a mobile version is available. During a face-to-face meeting with a client, your invoice can be created instantly in a personalized manner. Instead of wasting time taking notes, making a quote, designing an invoice and then e-mailing it later, the software takes care of everything once all the basic information is inserted. The hours spent implementing this entire procedure can now be spent on improving your project.