Lithotherapy is as old as the hills. The use of natural stone jewellery to heal the body and mind is traceable to ancient times. Mesopotamians used both stones and plants to make traditional medicines while Aztecs worshipped stones, shaping them into jewels then placing them on their bodies to efface their troubles. Among many other ancient uses, precious stones like crystals and sapphire are not only valuable as bracelets and amulets, but also for their mystical potential to heal and bring good feelings of well-being. Read on to be acquainted on how to use Lithotherapy to heal your mind and body.


Lithotherapy is a healing technique, akin to homoeopathy that utilizes the colours and energy of natural stones to heal emotional and physical wounds. The term is derived from Greek terminology with “litho” meaning stone, and “therapeia” standing for care. These precious stones originate from the earth’s crust, from animals and plants, therefore are renewable.

How Lithotherapy Works

Scientists depicted that minerals exist in human bodies. Gems and crystals are believed to draw energy from the earth’s core. When placed in direct contact with your body, they discharge energetic properties to the body hence causing a healing effect on physical wounds. Stones have electrons, which, through oxidation and reduction, exchange ions with other elements in contact, therefore transmitting properties. Interactions that occur are not only ionic but can also be electromagnetic, radioactive or thermal depending on the type of stone.

Natural stones should, however, not be mistaken for modern medicine, nor should they be thought to be magic that can change one’s life. They are a complement to present-day medication. They aid in reaching deep within oneself. You ought to be intentional and focused on redemption as you use them. Different stones have different healing properties depending on their hue and molecular vibration. Lithotherapy works through:

• Emitting colours – colours influence senses, which psychologically augment feelings of well-being.

• Enzymatic reaction – Precious stones in contact with the skin diffuse little doses of minerals to the skin hence transmitting healing and energetic properties.

• Piezo-electricity – Gems like sapphire or diamond worn as necklaces create a frequency wave phenomenon that regulates nerve impulses hence reducing stress.

How Lithotherapy Is Beneficial To The Body

As mentioned earlier, different stones have a varying healing effect. When selecting a health stone, it is wise to consult a therapist to acquaint you on that which is appropriate for your proposed intention. General benefits of Litho therapy to the body are:

• Relieving stress

• Relieving physical pains

• Improving self-confidence and self-esteem

• Calming emotions hence promoting inner peace

• Promoting self-awareness and self-care

• Reducing depression

• Enhancing decision making

How To Use Health Stones For Healing

The use of health stones to heal the mind and body varies with intention. The timeline for a session ranges from ten minutes to one and a half hours. It is advisable to consult your therapist on the methodology to employ and how long a session should last. Before commencing, you ought to program your gemstone by honestly claiming your intention. Politely state it aloud or in your head as you hold the crystal. Claiming your intentions beforehand will serve as a reminder of what you seek to achieve through the session. You can use the health stone for healing purposes by:

1. Wearing The Health Stone

You can wear the health stone as a necklace, bracelet or amulet. You can as well place it under a piece of clothing like scuff or bra. The more contact your body has with the stone, the more electrons are exchanged, and subsequently, the more energy transmission occurs. The health stones will complement your look while healing your mind and body.

2. Putting Health Stones In Your Pocket Or Your Purse

If you are not comfortable openly showing off your health stone, you can opt to place it in your pocket or purse. As you get by your day, slide your hand occasionally and hold the stone for a couple of minutes. As you progressively place it your garments, work on gaining confidence to wear it such that it is in direct contact with your body for extensive and efficient energy transmission.

3. Placing The Health Stone On Your Chakra

A chakra is an energy centre located mostly within the spine of human bodies. The human body has seven main ones; Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown chakra. Theory suggests that the human has as many as 114 chakras, though a majority are secondary. The seven main ones represent different emotional, mental and physical intentions. They, therefore, call for specific health stones depending on your proposed intention and stone colour. The root chakra, for instance, works best with a red health stone while crown chakra calls for purple. For the best functionality, your chakra should be open when in contact with a health stone.

4. Meditating with the health stones

You can meditate while holding the health stone. However, do not mistake this as praying or worshipping the stone. Health stones are simply tools to assist you in reaching your deepest emotions and connecting with your inner self. Before meditating with a health stone, search for that which is suitable for your intention. You can, however, rely on your gut and go for that which pleases you so long as you feel right and content with your choice. As mentioned earlier, it would be prudent to claim your intention before sinking deep into meditation so that you can focus on achieving it.

5. Placing The Health Stone On A Body Part In Pain.

Health stones interact with your body when in contact. Depending on the one you use, the stone dispenses energy in the form of ions that work on relieving pain. Pain relief can be immediate or long term, depending on where it is and the type of stone you use. Remember, however, that health stones are a complement to modern medication, not a substitute.

6. Spreading Health Stones Around Your Space

You can transform the energy in your home by spreading health stones around it. In addition to cleansing, they will improve your room décor. You can opt to place the stone in the space you spend the most time in, for instance, your work desk, besides the bed, or on the couch. Work with your intuition while choosing a space.

7. Sleeping With The Health Stone

Place the health stone beside you while you sleep. You can as well place it underneath, or in your pillow or on a nightstand. Feel the energy of the health stone before sleeping then let it calmly waft you to deep slumber.

8. Make A Health Stone Layout

Making a health stone layout goes well with meditation. Some people may find it distracting to meditate while holding a health stone. In such a case, you can create a health stone circle layout in which you will meditate. Case yourself between four health stones, with one in front, one at the back, and one on each side. Making a layout is suitable when your intentions require different health stone, during which you can incorporate all of them. Dare to make it your morning routine.

9. Add The Health Stone To Your Bath

It would be wise to first research or consult a therapist before adding a health stone in water because not all work when immersed. You can either add them into your bath or create a health stone elixir. Before adding, ensure that they are soluble in water and non-toxic. With water being a refracting agent, the colours of your health stones might form appealing rays that calm your senses and bring tranquillity.

10. Conduct a ritual with the health stones

You can go all in to create a health stone altar for ritual purposes. A health stone ritual is necessary when you want deep healing and transformation, for instance, if you seek to let go of a belief ingrained in you since childhood. Choose a space for the altar, place some burning herbs to cleanse it using smoke, then align your health stones as per what your gut tells you.

Closing Remarks

Choose the method that you find most appealing. After use, purify and recharge the health stones by soaking them in water for a couple of hours. They will dispense the energies gained when they were in contact with the body. Your intuition will often communicate to you on how you are feeling, therefore learn to acknowledge and trust it. When going through a session, you can think of how you are feeling in the moment, and work to reaching the inner peace inside you. Lithotherapy will assist you to be in agreement with your inner self, your surroundings, and the world at large.