Respiratory distress in asthmatic individuals is very often linked to an allergic origin. In these cases, prophylactic measures are required, the objective being to keep the person at a safe distance from the allergen (dust mites, dust, animal hair, etc.). During attacks of breathlessness, the use of beta 2 mimetics is recommended.


Asthma characterizes the condition of a person who has occasional airway attacks as a result of inflammation of the bronchial tubes, leading to a poor distribution of air in the lungs. Early detection of the disease is crucial, so that the patient can benefit from the appropriate aids and therapeutic care. When asthma is allergic in origin, the best treatment option is to banish the allergenic substance. Care must be taken to ensure a healthy living environment, so that inhalation and exhalation do not become a gateway to atmospheric agents. Controlling cockroaches, mould and dust mites is always a precaution. Animal coats also trigger abnormal reactions that cause allergies. It goes without saying that tobacco smoke should be avoided in cases of asthma.


If the patient does not know which substance he or she is most sensitive to, it is necessary to consult a doctor for an allergological survey. Practiced on the skin, this test aims to identify the allergen that causes the inflammatory reaction in the lungs. The catheterisation is carried out as follows: a fragment of allergen is applied to the patient's arm or back, each substance being noted with a marker. The doctor takes turns examining the reaction of the skin to dust, feathers, dust mites, cats, etc. The allergen is then applied to the patient's arm or back and each substance is noted with a marker. The allergic factor is indicated by a slight swelling of the skin in less than fifteen minutes.


Sanitation of the living environment must be accompanied by well-targeted therapeutic measures. Beta 2 mimetics are recommended to prevent the occurrence of seizures when the patient goes to a high-risk environment, for example, when he or she goes on a holiday away from home. In the case of acute allergies, doctors usually prescribe inhaled corticosteroids. The dose, frequency and duration of drug therapy depend on the severity of the disease. The need for in-depth treatment arises when the respiratory discomfort persists over several days or becomes increasingly recurrent. Beta 2 mimetics will then be combined with other treatments, such as omalizumab or montelukast. In emergency situations, aerosolized medication is mandatory.