The world can, through tourism, reveal priceless wonders. Sicily, which is a Mediterranean island, is part of Italian territory. It is made up of nine provinces, each of which is rich in centuries of history and tourist monuments. This article will help you to know the interesting places of the island if you plan a trip to two of its provinces, namely Taormina and Syracuse.


The official language of the island is Italian, but if you have difficulty speaking this language, you can always get help from a guide. You will find a wide choice of places to visit, whether you decide to visit Taormina or Syracuse. Indeed, it is made up of natural scenery where you can enjoy volcanoes, seas of incredible colour and even caves. Many activities are also practiced in the area such as hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding without forgetting golf. The culinary dishes are a treat for the taste buds especially if you like aubergines and fish.


This province is located at the top of a hill where you will have the opportunity to admire the cliffs. The most visited monument is the ancient Taormina theatre. Once used as a circus, this place nowadays offers a wide range of events where you can enjoy the art, history and culture of the place. At night, the view of Sicily's Taormina, with the lights of the city, offers a pleasant and romantic setting. A night stroll would then be ideal for your couple's escapades. The most refined gastronomic restaurants in the area will open their doors to you at any time of the day. You will even be able to return home with decorative objects or other products relating the history and culture of the island thanks to the house of memories. Indeed, few tourists return from their trip empty-handed.


You won't regret your trip to Syracuse, either, if you go to Syracuse. Known as the land of wonders, this province is the guardian of the island's history. In fact, unlike Sicily's Taormina, the province's districts have kept the architecture of the ancient city as well as the ancient traditions. Here you can admire the Doric Temple dedicated to Athena and the Temple of Apollo, as well as the Greek Theatre. For nature lovers, the Aretuse Spring and the Cavagrande del Cassabile Nature Reserve will allow you to relax and recharge your batteries. Canoeing and hiking will allow you to enjoy a rich and incredible landscape. To make your trip more enjoyable, don't hesitate to visit Syracuse in addition to Sicily Taormina. The seven other provinces of the island are equally interesting. It is up to you, according to your budget, to choose the province you want to visit. However, it is advisable to visit all of them, not necessarily all in one trip.