FOR A CHIC AND ROMANTIC MAKEUP Depending on your skin tone, the colour of your eyes and your hair, choose among the different shades of peach and apricot. Here are a few ideas for make-up and effects: A pre-make-up base gives a healthy glow effect, a guaranteed glow for dull complexions. A hazelnut of sublimating foundation gives a natural tone to the skin for a light, natural-looking haloed complexion effect. The peach apricot blush is suitable for all skin types, however caution is required, if your skin is very light for example avoid the overly ripe apricot blush with a very dark orange tint. Instead of warming up your complexion, the orange tint will give the impression of an exaggerated tan. Find the right balance to achieve a translucent, satiny effect on the cheeks. A hint of blush will enhance the cheekbones and bring out their natural beauty. Apricot peach has a matte, covering effect on the mouth. A very pale beige on the mouth gives a natural and sophisticated result. For a gourmet effect, switch to the orange shade, always according to your skin tone and also your style. Let your eyes and eyelids be shaded in a sunny or bright orange colour. EMBELLISHED WITH DELICATE SCENTS In addition to make-up, peach apricot facial care will help your face to regain a satiny and velvety skin with the program of the eau de parfum, a beauty essence, moisturizing gel for gourmet notes.