Brazilian straightening is increasingly in demand among hairdressers. Brazilian straightening in fact is not a straightening in itself, but nevertheless it makes it much easier to blow-dry or straighten your hair, the time you take to take care of it will be considerably reduced.


Brazilian straightening or Brazilian keratin straightening is a practice that aims to improve hair by injecting it with a keratin solution based on vegetable or animal protein. The scales of the hair are opened with a clarifying shampoo to put the solution in and then closed by smoothing. In short, the effectiveness of Brazilian straightening is based on the heat applied and the product used, which is none other than Formaldehyde or Formol. Formaldehyde is a product at risk if the quantities used are not controlled, in precarious conditions it would cause neural disorder, headache, or burning effects, it can also cause problems with coughing visions etc. All this to say that calling a specialist is necessary to do a Brazilian smoothing, the professional will be in charge of doing your smoothing in a safe and proper way. What makes the specialist different from a simple straightener is the quality of his service, the quality of the products used, and the experience in the use of the materials used.


Calling in a specialist is a bit expensive, the price of a smoothing can vary from 250 to 400 euros, and even up to 500 euros. Remember to make an estimate before you start. Because the price will also depend on the type of hair, its length, etc...


To find a smoothing specialist no need to go to Brazil, you may be able to find one near your home. To help you in your search for a specialist, here are some practical tips. Ask your relatives: one of your acquaintances may have the information you need to make your choice, specialists are often talked about. Do some research: thanks to the internet it is possible to search for what you need without leaving your home. For example, Brazilian smoothing lounge, Valentino Gérard lounge, you can ask for information on their sites.