a wine tasting event is a perfect place to experience the best winetourism and enjoy the taste of different wines. The wineries allow people to engage in the tasting of various wines with the aim of generating their sales. Since there’re different wineries serving different products, a wine tasting tour will help you realize what you enjoy the most and what taste you dislike. On this tour, you will taste almost every wine available and help you avoid a commitment to one bottle.
If you’re looking to visit wineries for the first time with a hope of a great wine tasting experience, then this is the place for you. This article is a guide to what you will expect on a wine tasting tour helping avoid any challenges ahead.

Preparation for a wine tasting tour

The first step is always setting up a reservation so that they can expect you and plan your tour to the best of service. Before driving down to taste, you should first consider some tips that will help you during your wine tasting tour. They include;

Dress comfortably

Dressing correctly is very essential for a great wine tour experience. Expect to walk around the winalist checking where the grapes are grown, learning how they grow, how the wine is made and where it is stored so do not expect a short wine tasting tour. This is especially essential when considering the type of shoes to wear, your shoes will determine whether your tour was good or great.

Early planning

Early planning helps you to avoid overspending while on the tour. A great experience can go for about $15-20$ with so many different choices included, this increases your chances of overspending. You are advised to come fully prepared with a budget and a plan in hand to help you know how much you are going to spend during the tour. Check out the winelist available for the event and pick out your top winealist to start with. Always carry extra cash which can be used to purchase the best wine bottle you’ve tasted on the tour.

Practising proper technique

When tasting wine, how you hold your glass is very important and as much as it seems like a small and silly detail, having to use the right grip will improve your wine tasting experiences. Holding it by the bowl will stain the glass and affect the flavour of the wine because of the warmth from your hands. The right way of holding your glass is by holding it by the stem while you swirl the wine before taking a sip. By doing so, you increase the content of oxygen available in the glass allowing the wine to breathe and bringing out the best flavour.

Keep asking questions

The well experienced and qualified staff responsible for giving you the perfect tour will be giving you all the details about the wines. This is a great opportunity to ask them any question you’ve been wanting to ask especially questions for the winemakers. The best way to remember your questions is by writing them down just in case you forget. The tasting staff both armature and professional have deep knowledge about the wines, so don’t hesitate to ask them anything curious on your mind.

Use your sense of smell

Wine tasting requires more than just your mouth, keep in mind that a large amount of taste will come from your nose’s olfactory receptors. You are advised to avoid using colognes or perfumes during your wine tour. This is because your cologne’s scent is strong and can affect the ability to appreciate the wine flavours. It is also a sign of good etiquette because you will be considering the other tasters around you. Sometimes wearing strong perfumes is forbidden with an aim of urging you to practice smelling wine before drinking it. Smelling wine will show you if the wine is fresh or it has gone bad.

Final thoughts

Preparing for a wine tasting tour is very important and will surely result in a great wine tasting experience. Using these tips on your wine tour whether it’s the first time or the tenth time will help you avoid the unexpected expectations allowing you to have a great wine tour.